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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

2X7 Crisis at the Heart

This was a good serial and definitely the best Padme centric story they ever did. Sidious' plot to take control of the banks was quite clever and well done.

I do feel that the Anakin/Padme resolution was way too easy and basically took place off screen, though. She basically asked for a separation in the previous episode because he was an abusive controlling asshole, but in this episode it's all I'm so sorry Anakin! Then again, I guess this does fit the messed up superficial nature of their relationship as established in the movies. She seems to be drawn to him as a bad boy and a hero and not for true love. They have almost nothing in common, and she blindly ignores his fascist political views.

I loved when Dooku forced Padme to kill an innocent politician for no reason whatsoever. I thought he was trying to frame her to spark the conflict but apparently it was just to be a dick. That was ice cold!

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