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Re: Star Trek, the Pinball, and how dumb I am

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I've got it via Steam, but be warned, if you get it this way or from the website, only the first couple of games are free as a 'free to try' type deal; you have to pay $29.99 for what they call a full season if you score above a certain point (only Arabian Nights is free.) Also, I don't think that they have the current Star Trek pinball machine yet.
You can, at least for the iPad version, buy individual games and skip the season; I think they run something like $3.00 per game. (I've been buying the full seasons since they started offering them, though.) The game dynamics are incredibly faithful to the real world, to the point I make the same dumb mistakes on Pinball Arcade that I make on real machines. At least, real machines that are kept in pristine condition with no broken parts.

They do only (``only'') have the 1993 Next Generation pinball, though, and not the 1971, 1978, 1991, or 2013 Star Trek games. Mind, the Next Generation is pretty universally considered one of the top solid state pinball machines of all time.
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