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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

Reverend wrote:
It sounds just like that kind of amoral force of nature to create a being that will be both Jedi & Sith and is destined to destroy them both to restore balance AND (if you'll pardon the expression) plant the seeds of rebirth in the form of his offspring.
The Jedi aren't the ones unbalancing the Force; the Sith are. Destroying Jedi is just something Sith want to do, not something that promotes balance. Quite the opposite. Besides, Anakin only killed some younglings and some masters in the temple. The bulk of the killing was done by some guys who looked like Jango Fett.

Hound of UIster wrote:
The cosmic force seems to be synonymous with the unifying force, a term used in the previously published materials.
The term "Cosmic Force" has also been used in published materials:

Patterns of Force wrote:
Had he been, for the length of a heartbeat, connected to the greater, unifying gestalt that the wisest of the Masters called the Cosmic Force?
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.
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