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We don't see anything.
Who needs to see anything when we can just be told!
Just realized, why I'm uncomfortable with nuTrek movies.

Kirk&Spock deep friendship was a cornerstone of TOS-show and TOS-movies. This friendship was explained and expressed by different ways: thoughtful scripts, sincere dialogs, chemistry between actors. People, who made TOS-shows, were more soulful, with deep understanding of friendship, love, humanity.
Now in nuTrek they can't feel and express it, they can only talk about it. May be, that's why nuTrek is more a parody than a real Star Trek movie. Cool, colorful, expensive parody.
I guess we must define humanity and friendship very differently if you can't find it in the new movies.

But of course, if you don't like something, you're not exactly likely to view any aspect of it in a positive light.
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