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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

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Robert Comsol wrote:
Why was it " intentionally inaccurate"? Are you suggesting Guinan was collaborating with the Romulans to deliberately make Picard feel bad somehow?
You misunderstand. I meant the writers intentionally had the characters (well, Guinan) draw slightly inaccurate conclusions. We know her sense isn't perfect, that it's dealt in feelings not facts. Tasha ended up in the past, and Guinan assuming Picard sent her there rather than that she volunteered is an understandable mistake.
After rewatching the scene today, I think Guinan (yet again!) has a lot to answer for. She goes from "I think you sent her there" to emphatically stating it as so within the space of about 30 seconds - "you are responsible for this whole situation". Picard just sits there with a shocked look on his face, struggling to take this all in. Even though he wasn't present for any of the events she accused him of, he has to take responsibility for them? Interestingly, not one of the characters in Redemption mentions time tunnels, alternate histories or parallel universes as an explanation for Tasha's jaunt into the past. So what is Picard to make of all this? Historically, the existence of parallel realities is known about to Starfleet (Mirror, Mirror). So, wouldn't this be a natural conclusion for our captain to come to? If not the Mirror Universe per se, then Sela's mother would probably originate from somewhere a similar source. From the episode Parallels:

DATA: For any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcomes will follow. But there is a theory in quantum physics that all possibilities that can happen, do happen in alternate quantum realities.
Data doesn't present this theory as something newly discovered (unlike the tomographic imaging scanner in All Good Things) so there's no reason to think it wouldn't be available to Picard a couple of years prior. So despite the guilt and accusations piled upon him, I think Picard's final statement to Sela sums his viewpoint up nicely:

Doubts? I'm full of them. But nothing in my experience can persuade me that what you have told me is true.
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