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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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All the context and background information in that galaxy wouldn't make many fans accept nor like the concept of midichlorians, but that's a different thread topic altogether.
I didn't say I liked it, nor that I expected you specifically to accept it, just that given the circumstances, some context was preferable than none at all.
No, that wasn't directed and you and I didn't want to imply I'm the big opponent and hater of midichlorians that some fans are. I was just stating the fact that many fans of the Lucas universe detest them and act as if they're some sort of borderline libel or state treason that George should be dragged out on the carpet for. "George urinated all over my childhood when he invented that concept! Now the Force isn't cool anymore!" So forth and so on.

Me? I'm not the biggest fan but I accept them. I've heard much stupider concepts within the sci-fi/fantasy universes and franchises that I've followed during my life. I'd go about the biochemistry and origins of the Force differently than George decided to with Episode I but I can't muster more than some jokey comments about the things. Some fans have been genuinely upset and even Nerdraged by the very concept and that's just far too much energy devoted to something that they can't change and quite frankly isn't as bad as they like to make it out to be.
Human instinct is pretty strong. You can't expect us to change overnight.

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