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Re: Blu-Ray Wishlist of Fixes

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By whom? The problems with the audio are well known, but I haven't read anything about the picture being problematic.
Agreed. If there were problems, it is not in the Blu-ray discs, it is in the player. Someone already said they had that minor issue with their older and cheap Magnavox (made by Funai a Chinese brand) player.

Back when Blu-ray format was new some players had issues with branches, etc. Good brand name players usually had this fixed through firmware updates. And players made in the last two or three years generally wouldn't even have those issues in the first place since the BD format is now reasonably mature.
I had an old Magnavox which would annoyingly show me an ANGLE camera icon in the corner of my screen whenever an FX scene would pop up, but that was my player, not the disc. No problems at all on my new player.
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