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So I take it you believe Spock and McCoy in TOS genuinely were enemies? Kirk and Spock bicker like an old married couple in ID (limited contact? Spock's been his first officer for a year!), but both clearly hold affection for each other, as did Spock and McCoy in the classic show.
They bicker. Kirk hits Spock on the shoulder--for no reason. That's all we know. We don't see anything. Bones had moments where he confessed to Kirk his appreciation of Spock--cared for him. But the touchstones of their relationship aren't there.

Spock's death scene tied the movie together--the differences between Kirk (lie and cheat out of death) and Spock (admit defeat, limit the damage, especially if it's only one person). It talked of their friendship, calling back to the cabin scene, it talked of their friendship long before he was killed off. The closest we get in this movie?

"Do you know why I went back for you?"

No, I don't. Spock goes after Kirk for reprogramming the simulator to beat the Kobiashi Maru. He argues with Spock until Spock takes his side. He gets booted off the ship because Spock feels he is a liability (a married couple?). Kirk emotionally compromised Spock, after arguing with him, to get command so he could go after Nero and not rejoin the rest of the fleet. Spock told him he was going with him to Nero's ship. He gets Spock to take command of the Red Matter ship. Kirk, then saves Spock's life. He complains that Spock wrote a report that contradicted the Captain's Log. He gets mad because Spock doesn't feel anything. He wants to "rip his bangs off." Kirk says that he did what Spock would do when he's explaining why he sacrificed his life. Then Spock goes ape and tries to kill Khan for killing Kirk.

Now, does that sound like they had any time to bond? Maybe, at the most, on Nero's ship. But there's nothing in what we see, except to assume that they bonded because we've seen Star Trek before, for why they have bonded. Instead of having Leonard Nimoy talking to Zachary Quinto in the final scenes of Star Trek, maybe they should've had a scene with Kirk expressing to Bones his feelings. Or maybe Spock starts to cry when all of this hits him and Kirk comforts him. Or maybe Kirk is the one crying, maybe realizing he's unprepared to be Captain.

But there's nothing.
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