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Re: Robert Beltran on AMA

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I guess I should feel bad but lets compare the promo video for it vs the one for Veronica Mars. I never even saw the VM TV show and I was pulled into watching the promo, laughing along the way. They wanted 2 million dollars, they got 5.7 million.

This new one panders in the first 3 sentences to "Star Trek fans" then switches to some producer who bemoans how much more they need to do the project. I stopped right there.

Aren't they supposed to excitedly jump up and down about their fantastic movie and make us WANT to give them our money, because their project is just SO cool and we'd be so proud to be a part of it? Heck, even Tim Russ/Walter Koenig's push to invest in Renegades did a better job at that than these producers.

I suspect the problem is today's producers saw VM collect twice what they asked for in what, 4 days and thought "Hey, easy money", but never stopped to consider the kickstarter campaign is just that, a campaign that they need to wage and win, not just a hat they throw down in the subway station, hoping scifi starved fans will drop their coins into it as we pass by.

Maybe this experience will give them pause.
Yeah, there's a webcomic artist that posted a kickstarter campaign to do a visual novel based on his webcomic. He asked for 20k, expected 10k, but got nearly 300k! His goal was blown away on day one. He was actually beginning to have trouble thinking of side goals!
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