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Re: History of Starfleet/Starfleet register project

As I said in the OP, there are far more than canon designs & names; it would not be complete if it were. I took it to the end of 2407 for this universe, with the commissioning of NCC-100000. If you looked at the teaser PDF I put up with the first 840 ships on 20 pages, you'd see that the blanks are filled in.

Honestly, I have to say...I'm a little disappointed. I was looking for real feedback on the work as written & instead I'm getting pedantry on registry points that have already been explained as to the nature of the decision in the OP or would be self-explanatory simply by looking at the information posted. In these articles as written are things like why the Klingons & the Federation were so hostile to each other; how colonization subverted Starfleet's exploration policies for so long; how Garth's madness led to the installation of Nogura as Chief of Staff. The ship data is pretty basic, but the real meat is in the writeups. I just find it interesting that no one seems to have had anything to say about them, good or bad, & would prefer to worry about my inclusion of STO & novelverse items or to ask questions about things that are easily inferred from inspection of available data.

However, in the interest of perhaps clearing up some of these things, I have posted a PDF copy of my master class information list. This shows all 168 classes in chronological order & includes service generation (i.e., in what time/article it can/will be found in); start & end dates of production (NOT service dates, & some of the newer classes will have their production dates open-ended once I get to that time); hull numbers of the first & last ship in the class; the total number of ships in that class; & what type of ship the class is in general. (There is a column marked "code"; this is unimportant to you. I find it easier for my note & writing purposes to assign a shortcode to each class for internal use.)
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