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Re: Rate the Characters/Actors

1- Kes (Excellent and unique character)
2- Chakotay (Excellent first officer despite being neglected by the writers
3- Janeway (Excellent captain and main character
4- Paris (Lot of humor and a great action character)
5- Tuvok (A very convincing Vulcan)
6- Torres (Great character with an interesting background)
7- The Doctor (His sacastic comments and way to handle things made him very interestin)
8- Neelix (Funny and likeable)
9- Kim (Could have beena good character but a bit too bland)
10- (Too much focus on her looks and dress, otherwise quite interesting)

1- Jennifer Lien (Did an excellent job in portraying Kes)
2- Kate Mulgrew (I wouldn't imagine what the show had been without her)
3- Tim Russ (Excellent in his portraying of Tuvok)
4- Robert Picardo (He really gave life to The Doctor)
5- Robert Beltran (Did a great job considering how the writers obstructed his character)
6- Jeri Ryan (Excellent actress who turned Seven into more than just eye-candy)
7- Roxann Dawson (Brilliant as Torres)
8- Robert Duncan McNeill (Did an excellent job in portraying Paris)
9- Ethan Phillips (Brilliant in his role as Neelix)
10- Garret Wang (Hard to rate because he was never given the chance to shine)

Comment: Very difficult to rate those characters because they were all great. The best in Star Trek.

Even more difficult to rate the actors because they all did an excellent job, all of them.

With such characters and actors, Voyager could and would have been even better than it was
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