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Re: Star Trek, the Pinball, and how dumb I am

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There's a game you can download on Steam called "Pinball Arcade" by Williams, and in Season One of their machines, is Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is so much fun, as these machines emulate the real pinball machines from look to sound, and everything. I mean, it took me WAAAAAAAY back. You have to check it out. It's not the real thing, sure, but for those of us who are nowhere near any arcade, it's so awesome.

Here's their site:

I've got it via Steam, but be warned, if you get it this way or from the website, only the first couple of games are free as a 'free to try' type deal; you have to pay $29.99 for what they call a full season if you score above a certain point (only Arabian Nights is free.) Also, I don't think that they have the current Star Trek pinball machine yet.

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