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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

Locutus of Bored wrote:
By deduction it was obvious that the Kaminoans would have to be involved in some shady dealings with the clone army and their programming
It didn't have to be the case; in other words, the EU scenario worked well enough. It was just constantly on the defensive due to fans complaining about the clones' amoral behavior.

We were basically told everything we needed to know in AOTC. The clones were conditioned ( and genetically modified ) to be receptive to orders in general. In the EU version, if anything was "programmed" by the Kaminoans, it was loyalty to the Republic, including to the person of the Supreme Chancellor as leader of the Republic. As an "army for the Republic" the clones needed to be relied upon to follow orders emanating from the Republic chain of command. Once that loyalty is established, Order 66 can be slotted in later without any necessary complicity on the part of the Kaminoans, and it seems relevant that ROTS showed us that Palpatine had a secure comlink connection to the clone commanders.

That said, I don't find TCW's version to be objectionable in itself.
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