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Re: Behind the Scenes TWOK footage and interviews

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When you factor in everything that makes a movie great (characters, sound and f/x, storyline, nostalgia, soundtrack, etc.) I think that TWOK is not only one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made, I believe it is also one of the best MOVIES ever made. It had everything, including things that had never been done before on the big screen, and everything WORKED.
Agreed. My favourite Trek film, and my favourite film of all time.

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Both worth the watch. Very nice to see.
Thanks, I've been trying to find more, but no luck so far. Anyone else?

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So glad that Merv clip didn't include Dee Kelley's portion---it was painful.
Why's that?
Because he came across as so damn nervous. I'm one of those people who freak out when they see people freaking out. Kelley was retired for the most part and was never a big enough star anyway to have guested on too many shows anyway at that point in 1982.

Remember that day well though---never was so hyped for Merv before or after--LOL.

I went to youtube and typed in Deforest Kelley/Merv Griffin and found that segment in a few seconds.

From what I remember the entire show was dedicated to TWOK.
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