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Re: Who was the best Vulcan guest character on Enterprise?

I didn't include T'Pau (or Surak, for that matter) in the poll because they didn't originate on the show. That said, I do think they maintained T'Pau's harsh, forbidding nature, which we'll see again in "Amok Time".

It is interesting that they consciously chose not to replicate Celia Lovsky's Austrian accent (though that decision didn't bother me nearly as much as Carol Marcus having a British accent did). I do wonder wonder how she would've sounded with it thought, whether it would've sounded serious or silly. (For the record, a person can gain or lose an accent over several years. I remember reading something about Arnold Schwarzenegger seeing a dialect coach because, after 30+ years of living in America, he was losing his Austrian accent, and didn't want to, as it was kind of his trademark ).

On a related note, having just rewatched the Vulcan trilogy, I was struck by how overtly emotional many of the Vulcans in it were. The chief offender seems to be Robert Foxworth as V'Las, who seems to hit most of the stereotypical villain notes (the condescending smile when addressing T'Pol or Kuvak, or losing his temper more than once). In retrospect, I think it might've been more interesting and believable if he'd said and done the same things, but in a cold, ruthless manner.

To a lesser extent, Kuvak was rather emotional himself, objecting to V'Las villainy and smiling in gratitude at Archer. Even with Michael Nouri, who was otherwise rather compelling as Syrran, there was a brief chuckle at one point that rubbed me the wrong way a bit, especially since JGRS apparently wrote him to be a Kolinahr master.

Heck, even Surak came off a bit more folksy that I'd expected, when I would've pictured someone a bit more like Sarek. Though, to be fair, it's possible his and Archer's personalities bled into one another in that hallucination. Moreover, there's nothing in canon that says that just because Surak advocated suppressing emotion in favor of logic, that he must've totally mastered the practice himself.
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