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Rate the Characters/Actors

1 - Doctor (best character development and the character that really benefits from Seven's introduction)
2 - Seven (very watchable and interesting character)
3 - Janeway (up & down....also benefits from Seven's arrival)
4 - Torres (stays pretty solid throughout)
5 - Paris (similar to Torres)
6 - Tuvok (steady but for me, gets marginalised after Seven's arrival)
7 - Kim (has some good moments but a lot of mediocre ones too)
8 - Chakotay (slightly weak and another one who suffers after Seven's introduction)
9 - Neelix (steady with occasional outbursts but never that watchable)
10 - Kes (slow, none development....doesn't go anywhere)

1 - R Picardo (superb actor....always shines)
2 - J Ryan (surprisingly good & elevates Seven beyond simply being a cartoon fantasy)
3 - R Dawson (always solid)
4 - K Mulgrew (puts in a shift)
5 - E Phillips (does a good job with a difficult character)
6 - RD Mcneil (mostly solid but occasionally bland)
7 - J Lien (never given much to get her teeth into but excellent when she did)
8 - G Wang (decent but some moments are cringe worthy)
9 - T Russ (difficult to judge cos he's playing a Vulcan and simply follows the template set by Nimoy)
10 - R Beltran (genuinely looks bored quite a lot and speech seems unnatural at times)
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