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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

2X5 An Old Friend & 2X6 The Rise of Clovis

These were better than I thought they would be. Probably the best Padme episodes in the series? I'm surprised this was held back from Season Four. I much rather would have seen this than the four parter with the random droids and the frog guy I found the whole Banking Clan financial stuff to be well done and interesting and a great parallel to the corruption going on in our own economy.

The ski chase at the end of the first episode was particularly clever.

And man, important stuff here. Anakin shows his true colors to Padme and she kicks him out! I'm VERY curious to see how he "redeems" himself in the last episode. Also? Obi-Wan knows that Anakin and Padme have something going on, but is keeping it under his hat! Fascinating!

I think the most telling part of this episode was the shot of Anakin's bedroom which I don't think we've ever seen. He had a huge poster of the Boonta Eve Classic on his wall! So basically one constant reminder that he used to be a slave and of the event that sundered him from his mother? What a great and subtle way to speak to Anakin's inability to let go of things! How he's a child living in the past, trying to hold on to the things he glorified back as a kid (Padme, Mom, racing, playing hero...)
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