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Re: Khan's Into Darkness Appearance change finally explained

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So we should assume Scotty could invent the formula itself but not remember it himself? Why?
Because when he finally perfected it, it would have been post-"Relics", with much more advanced technology and a century of further knowledge at his fingertips. Young Scotty saw it scroll by on a computer screen.
Sorry, I was forgetting that Spock did transmit his older self's formula to him*. But Scotty didn't just "see it scroll by on a computer screen," he understood it and worked out from what he saw what it was he had been doing wrong. (He says something like "it never occurred to me to think about space as the thing that was moving" or some such, yes?) Which suggests that he grasped the principle and could reproduce it.
Big difference between grasping a concept and being able to instantly reproduce something from memory.
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