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Re: Khan's Into Darkness Appearance change finally explained

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Scotty got a glance at the formula on a screen on the shuttle. Did he instantly memorize it?
It's not a matter of what he got a glance at: he invented it. Even if they confiscated his notes he would still remember how he worked it out, so it seems to me that to keep him from reinventing it they would have to wipe the skill-sets he used to do it.

Sending Kirk and co through it wouldn't have led to war anywhere near as assuredly as the Enterprise being found shooting torpedoes at the Klingon homeworld would.
Except that one should be able to just transport the bombs without bothering with the ship, right? (In fact... why even bother with Kirk at all? Just send some Section 31 guys to blow some shit up on Kronos and leave enough evidence for the Klingons to figure out who it was.)
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