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Re: Khan's Into Darkness Appearance change finally explained

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Section 31 confiscated it, as we're told when Scotty resigns.
Confiscated the thing that he invented from his brain? That's an explanation that creates more problems than it solves.

And if so, why doesn't Section 31 -- which supposedly has it -- just send Kirk and his people through it? (Which of course also gets us into a whole 'nother can of worms with how... whatever plan it was that Marcus had was supposed to work.)
Scotty got a glance at the formula on a screen on the shuttle. Did he instantly memorize it? And even if he did, I wouldn't put S31 past manipulating his mind. They are the people who thought they could blackmail Khan.

Sending Kirk and co through it wouldn't have led to war anywhere near as assuredly as the Enterprise being found shooting torpedoes at the Klingon homeworld would.
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