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Re: MLP:FIM S4E17 - "Somepony to Watch Over Me" - Grading & Discussion

It was a fun CMC episode, Applejack went waaaaay overboard with this one.

We have squeaky-belle back again, either this was recorded earlier in the block or Claire still hasn't fully got over it, but Flight to the Finish and Twilight Time seemed different.

How many hats and bows do they have?

Redneck ponies well, red-er necked ponies.

What in the hell was that monster? mashed together several myths as well as monsters but I can't quite remember what part is which in that lot.

Do I even want to know why Applejack has kinky rubber boots lying around? to be honest, seeing as how it's AJ, I'm not sure I care that's at least the second shoutout like that this season and I'm rather happy with it.

Although this all means AB is now probably going to be left alone more often and get into even more trouble with the others.
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