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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I've decided I am going to build the 'I Win' ship described here. It will be a long term project for me, since I never completed Omega rep, and only get the marks by doing the ground missions on Defera. I have finished all the other reputations and should have access to everything else.

What ship would people recommend I use for this project? I currently fly a JHEC, but was thinking to go with a Fed ship this time. I noticed at some point I bought the Vesta pack, but never used them. Would one of those be a good choice, and if so, which one?
It almost doesn't matter which ship you pick, whether you use DHCs or beam arrays. Here's my experience in the dps levels I can obtain by slapping these items on various ships:
Fleet HEC with Disruptor DHCs - 13k
Tholian Recluse with Tetryon Beam Arrays, Elite Mesh Weavers - 15k
Cardassian Galor with Spiral Wave Disruptors - 13k
Temporal Destroyer with Antiproton Beam Arrays - 13k
Temporal Science Vessel with Antiproton Beam Arrays - 13k
Vesta with Phaser Beam Arrays- 14k
Breen Chel Grett with Polaron DHCs - 14k
Scimitar with Plasma Beam Arrays - 25k

What matters more is your ship's power levels (these combined items should put you at around 100/75/75/75), don't use any torpedoes, the boff abilities you use and how well you pilot the ship.
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