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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Is everyone on the forums that plays STO in the TrekBBS Fleet?
No, or at least several people here have at least one alternate in some other fleet, and maybe a couple people are just completely in others. But for the most part, yeah, we're all in TrekBBS Armada.

How many people are in your fleet at the moment? Not to abandon your hard work (should always leave a toon in a fleet if you're abandoning it, just so you could always get back in without losing anything), but if you don't have a crazy number of people in there, any interest in merging?

Sounds like you've got a small group of dedicated people in there, and having a few more of those in our ranks would certainly be a boost. Not sure of your fleet structure, but once your guys settled in a little, would be more than happy to hand out promotions to bring your leaders into the fold a bit more.

We're currently at:

Starbase: almost to T4, all 3 sub-categories at around 50-60%

Dil Mine: T2 finishes upgrade tomorrow

Embassy: T2 upgrade almost ready to kick off

Spire: T1 complete, T2 about halfway to being ready to start

So, could save billions in EC and a few million DIL, and join a Fleet that's pretty much completely politics/arguing free.

Up to you, but could definitely help us, and would be a big boost for you as well to jump ahead in holdings. And we could use a few more active people in this forum, so make sure to tell your fleetmates about it either way!
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