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Re: Blu-Ray Wishlist of Fixes

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This is exactly why I will stick to my DVDs instead of upgrading to the BDs. This and the horrible new FX.
The DVD versions have been altered as well, with things like the ship engine rumble being added where it wasn't there before, so if you think by watching your DVDs you're getting at experience closer to the original episode, you're not.

AFAIK, not a single home release of TOS, whether VHS, DVD, or bluray, has ever been exactly faithful to the original broadcasts.

"The horrible new FX" -- and I agree, many are horrible -- are merely an option you can choose; they have nothing to do with the remaster, which was completed before the new FX were added. I watch the remastered episodes with the original FX.
Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
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The Blu-ray's also have the original effects.
That doesn't always work, as far as I've heard.
I've never had a problem. And some of the original FX actually hold up pretty well in HD.
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