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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

6X3 Fugitive and 6X4 Orders

Good ending. Definitely the best clone-centric serial of the series as it actually contained important and relevant material. Was this the first time Shaak Ti was on the series prominently?

The only part I thought was dumb was when Fives was on the run on Coruscant. In a bar full of clones. How in the world is any security sweep EVER going to find one man in a sea of identical men??? He should have had no problem disappearing and moving around.

Also, when he's escaping from the genetic room on Kamino, Shaak Ti just stands there like a lump while he runs up a ladder and closes the hatch. She let a clone slowly climb and try the handle. Why doesn't she Force leap up the ladder and slice it open with a lightsaber? Were we supposed to interpret this as Shaak Ti allowing him to escape by throwing the fight? Or was it just poor writing? Because she certainty seemed intent to capture him right after that.

Oh man. Next up is a three parter about Padme? And then a two parter about Jar Jar? I feel less excited now The ending serial sounds awesome though!
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