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Re: Does Kirk Contribute to the Transporter Accident in TMP?

No, but your use of it clearly implies eccentricity.

I've never gotten through very much of TITANIC, either, which would be another minority view given its immense popularity, but I doubt that would qualify to most as eccentric.

Let's try another notion here. I recently found out my father died several years back. I only met him a few times, found that except for Super-8 cameras we had almost nothing in common, but even my wife was surprised at my lack of interest in his passing. I didn't feel wistful due to my not having gotten to know him better, or for any other reason, because I didn't ever want to know him better.

He was not my kind of guy (he chose his rental car on the basis of the one with a radio that picked up the bay area 'beautiful music'muzak station!), and he was not so interesting as to cause me to expand my worldview to accommodate him either. Is this due to reduced empathy on my part, or just being rational about somebody I didn't click with?

By way of comparison, I can still recall how the world seemed to change its spin rate when I was told the friend I'd known longest, since 1st grade, was shot to death at age 19 in 1980.

I don't know if it is something from doing acting 'sense-memory' exercises or not, but I can and do actually tear up when recalling one of the last discussions I had with him, where he was recalling his dead father while the song 'cat's in the cradle' played on an AM radio somewhere (guess that is a case of REPO MAN's 'lattice of coincidence' at work.) That sounds in keeping with the narrator's response to his childhood friend's death in STAND BY ME, so does that make me less atypical?
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