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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I hate to say this, but there's a fixed set of things you pretty much need to obtain to build the "I win" Federation starship.

Fleet Gear:
Fleet Resilient Shields (if you have a high shield regen build, Fleet Regenerative Shields)
Fleet Warp Cores with [AMP]
Advanced Fleet Weapons with [ACC]x2 [DMG]x2 (Do NOT get Elite Fleet Weapons)
Vulnerability Locator Tactical Consoles
Rare Male Romulan Tactical Officers (Do NOT get Very Rare or Female Officers)

Task Force Omega Reputation:
Omega Force/MACO/Borg Deflector (depending on ship type and build)
Omega Force/MACO/Borg Engine (depending on ship type and build)
Borg Assimilated Console
Borg Kinetic Cutting Beam

New Romulus Reputation:
Zero-Point Energy Conduit Console
Elite Scorpion Fighters (for most hangers)

Nukara Reputation:
Nukara Particle Console (only if your ship purely uses beam weapons)

Lobi Store:
Tachyokinetic Converter Console

Exchange Market:
Plasmonic Leech Console
Saurian Bridge Officers with Efficient trait

Plan according to this list and you should be fine.
I've decided I am going to build the 'I Win' ship described here. It will be a long term project for me, since I never completed Omega rep, and only get the marks by doing the ground missions on Defera. I have finished all the other reputations and should have access to everything else.

What ship would people recommend I use for this project? I currently fly a JHEC, but was thinking to go with a Fed ship this time. I noticed at some point I bought the Vesta pack, but never used them. Would one of those be a good choice, and if so, which one?

And as a side note, I found that I have THREE Plasmonic Leech consoles in my inventory. I will use one on this build, but would be happy to give the other two away to fleet members who need them. Just give me a shout in fleet chat in game and we can make the trade.
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