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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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So... how do you turn around all the nay sayers who gripe that the Galaxy revamp is gimped? All it takes is offer a discount on the bundle and increase the galaxy console set bonus turn rate to +2.

ESD space is now filled with galaxys and galaxy dreadnaughts. lol
Apparently the +1 in the blog was a typo they since corrected.

Anyway, i bought the Vesta class yesterday (single ship version) with the AoE heal console which I found suits my intented role of support ship best.
The overloaded phaser deflector blast is more for tacs and the resistance console more for engineers/tanks I think.

What are your experiences with the ship and load out suggestions?
I will probably want 2 different loadouts.
One where I make use of the aux cannons (still need to reclaim the ship a couple times to get all 3 cannons) as a slightly beefed up DPS ship for STFs.
And one where I basically emulate an Intrepid with a mix of heal and control abilities which I really like.
I am unsure if I want to use some kind of beam build for the second one or try a science photon torpedo build to make full use of my aux power and not rely on weapon power that much.
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