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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

^ Nice, she lives really close to where I'm from, and I got to meet her informally by accident a few months ago when i was home visiting family and friends. Very nice lady with a great imagination.

I'm about to finish Metamorphosis by Jean Lorrah. I thought it was a pretty decent episodic novel that dealt interestingly with some theological/faith issues, and although there's not a ton of action, it's a good character book for Data. That said, I wouldn't like to see this story on screen, I think it's best kept enjoyed in one's imagination.

The writing mechanics were average, the story construction was average, but the result of the 'literary building' built by this writer was great. Meaning I thought the story was based on a pretty creative concept, and I enjoyed it. As far as episodic novels go, I give it an 7/10.

Looking for something new in the morning, I kinda just want something action-heavy, where the Federation just gets in a fight with the Romulans or someone, and dialogue is mostly one-liners. Between this and Warped, I had to think a little more than I intended to when I picked them up.
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