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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7


Allan Prior again, but this time the saving graces of Horizon don't rub off here. The story is convoluted (Avon calls Servalan to get her to Exbar for what can only be described as an extremely weak excuse, and ultimately designed as a boring way to get Servalan and Travis back together, despite leaving on fairly iffy terms two episodes earlier) and plot holed (what was the point of Ushton limping and then not limping??), some aspects are down right dodgy (Blake fancies his cousin???), and then there's the Crimo's who appear to be butch versions of the Mutoids (who wear blonde wigs in this episode??), and who are just as useless. A re-use of the death of Vargas from 'Cygnus Alpha' again too.

Pity, as the episode starts out so well with the largest space battle on the show to date.
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