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Re: Does Kirk Contribute to the Transporter Accident in TMP?

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I'm not holding you responsible for the opinions of other. I'm observing that you basically argued that Kirk's reaction to Kirk's death is implausible because you would be more torn up by the death of a coworker than by the death of the biological child you never wanted and don't have. But...
It feels implausible to HIM. Whether or not he has had or never chose to have a child doesn't change that fact, so I'm not really sure what you;re trying to accomplish here other than saying "I disagree."
Consider why he calls it implausible. He's saying he doesn't believe that Kirk would react that way to the death of the son he barely knew because he (trevanian) wouldn't. I'm just pointing out that, if the fact that he has never reproduced or desired to reproduce don't clue him in to the fact that his emotional reactions to such things are not necessarily typical, the fact that he loves TFF should. Ha ha. His comments were unwittinglly ironic, which I found amusing.
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