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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

The Way Back - Again, I'm struck at how awesome a Pilot this is. It sets the tone for the entire series so well, the extent The Administration will go to, to rid themselves of dangerous Dissidents

Though, with today's Audience, I suspect you need to make it longer (Maybe double episode?), add Space Fall and add background for Jenna, Vila, Avon and Gan to bring in more "stuff" going on, and then those threads can all be brought together with the Shuttle trip (Though, after seeing Blake's Ordeal, Gan's probably isn't necessary, but, I'd like to see Avon's, Jenna's, and Vila's downfalls).

Space Fall - Hmmmm. Right before Blake kicks The Mutiny/Takeover into motion, and he's bargaining with Avon, Avon says he already has an escape plan... I like the idea, that somehow he had pre-arranged for Liberator to be there. He didn't really comment when Blake rattled off what he thought Avon's plan relied upon, so either interpretation is still possible. Avon, does, afterall, arrange for them to meet up with ORAC later on, doesn't he?

Up this weekend, at least the next 4-6 episodes. I'm Not looking forward to Web, but, I seem to remember the rest of those are pretty good
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