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Some observations on Search

Well, I'm now over 2/3 through my "complete series" set of Search, and I'm starting to notice some things.

1. The later-produced episodes (especially after the Probe Control set was given an "extreme makeover," and Keach, Kuroda, and Griffin vanished) tended to throw continuity, and the advantages of being in constant contact with a roomful of specialists (and in "The Clayton Lewis Document," plausibility itself, with Bianco requesting a "long range magnetic trace," whatever that is, to match up a key with a lock) Not all of them, of course, but it seems that in the later scripts, Probes were being jumped when earlier scripts would have had at least one technician warning them of "off-presence" readings on their attackers. (Not that Lockwood didn't get jumped in the pilot, but . . . .)

2. By "Clayton Lewis," the "new" Probe Control was being lit a bit more dimly, although not as dimly as the "old" Probe Control.

3. While Ginny Golden ("Keach") appeared in the pilot and 9 episodes, and Albert Popwell ("Griffin") in the pilot and 11 episodes, and Byron Chung ("Kuroda") in the pilot and 14 episodes, and Amy Farrell ("Murdock") in 7 episodes, Angel Tompkins ("Gloria Harding"), for all the attention she got, only appeared in the pilot and two episodes (which, going by production number, appear to be the first two produced).

4. A pre-Charlie's-Angels Cheryl Ladd made 3 appearances as Probe Control technician Amy Love. Prior to that, her only regular acting gig was as one of the voices in the original "Josie and the Pussycats," for Hanna-Barbera.
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