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Re: Where did the Gem'Hadar in the wormhole go?

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That's not how the Prophets function though, given their behavior for the rest of the series. We've never seen any indication the Prophets are killers.
SISKO: I was ready to die with her.
BOLIAN-PROPHET: Die? What is this?

AKOREM: Then I've been wrong about everything. You should've let me die.
KIRA-PROPHET: We still can.
PORTA-PROPHET: We can return him to the moment we found him.
ODO-PROPHET: Allow him to die.

For a species such as the Prophets (a non-corporeal non-linear race of beings) death means little, if anything, to them. I'm not classing them as "killers" but they have shown willingness to take life as it suited them.
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