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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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There is nothing more longhaul than doing a solo fleet.
infact that is the point where I think you are spreading yourself to thin.
That alone will take you years to the point where you will a hard time seeing your progress moving at all!
To T2 is easy (just one holding at least), to T3 is hard but probably doable if you are dedicated. reaching T4 on the main holding alone will bring to to the breaking point and T5 is going to drive you completely nuts.
I'm not doing it alone. I opened up and helped a bunch of new players learn the game and helped them gear up, and in return we've all been growing the fleet and community. Still small but so far all our core members are very dedicated to the fleet and helping it advance. We're almost Tier 2 and it's been going by pretty fast. We all know it will take some time to get our Fleet going since Recruiting is harder till you're at least Tier 3 lol. But since it was originally my fleet, I feel a need to contribute a lot. I've been putting all my [online] time into advancing the Fleet. But I guess people like how I've set the Fleet up as we're growing pretty fast, so it seems anyways lol.
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