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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Thanks intrinsical for that info! That helps a lot actually
And Timelord, I do have multipule characters, and I did consider splitting them up and sponcering eachother. But, I used similar tactics when I played WoW to level my characters and it went by too fast! I want this game to be a long haul, so Ill do each character individualy. Same reason i decided to start a Fleet!
There is nothing more longhaul than doing a solo fleet.
infact that is the point where I think you are spreading yourself to thin.
That alone will take you years to the point where you will a hard time seeing your progress moving at all!
To T2 is easy (just one holding at least), to T3 is hard but probably doable if you are dedicated. reaching T4 on the main holding alone will bring to to the breaking point and T5 is going to drive you completely nuts.
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