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Re: If Harlan Ellison had written ALL the TOS episodes...

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But I'll give it a go. In "A Taste of Armageddon," the Eminiarans and Vendicarans would have utterly annihilated themselves in short order, proving that their solution of unending war by computer and disintegration chamber really was the best solution for them, and that Kirk was a short-sighted meddler.
Far better show, though it's one I am fond of.
I love this episode, too. The conversations between Anan 7 and Kirk in Anan's personal chambers and then in the Council chamber are among the best in TOS, or all Trek. David Opatoshu was awesome, and Shatner was in fine form.

ANAN: Don't you understand, Captain? We have done away with all that. Now you are threatening to bring it down on us again. Are those five hundred people of yours more important than the hundreds of millions of innocent people on Eminiar and Vendikar? What kind of monster are you?
KIRK: I'm a barbarian. You said it yourself.
ANAN: I had hoped I'd spoken only figuratively.
KIRK: Oh, no. You were quite accurate. I plan to prove it to you.
ANAN: Open a channel to the Enterprise. You give me no choice, Captain. We are not bandits, but you force us to act as bandits.


Kirk's "I'm a barbarian. You said it yourself." is absolutely one of my favorite lines in the whole series.
Welcome to Hell kid. Enjoy the buffet.

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