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Re: On-Screen Documents

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I think it's a little odd that Mudd's rap sheet would include a reference to "Future Police"

and I think this item could be read on old-style, 20th century TV sets, at least a good one with superb reception, but you didn't have time to read it all.
Sometimes the art department isn't quite with it or made up SF fans.

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Perhaps there might be some reason to identify the biological origin of the 'signer' to show that the Talosian illusions didn't only affect humans. Any other "in-universe" ideas why this might be done?
Perhaps Vulcan wasn't yet in the Federation [1], so that some relevance might be attached to his service origin, the way that (hypothetically; I have no idea whether they would ever do this) Allied reports might refer to a member of the Lafayette Escadrille as American Pilot (Name).

[1] Yes, I'm aware that at the time of production, Earth wasn't yet in the Federation either. I still think the cross-service idea is the least problematic one on hand.
Vulcan is a founding Federation member. It has always been in it.
Not in the first season. Trek was still being "formed". The Enterprise was an Earth ship. There was no Federation. Spock's role might have been intended to be like T'Pol in Enterprise, a foreign national serving in Earth's space fleet. I believe there are examples of this in real world militaries.
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