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Re: The Redshirt Myth?

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But I do stand by my actual point, which was that the episode is an anomaly in my opinion as regards the usual fate of redshirts who beam down and encounter a hostile situation.
I'm not sure I'd agree, because the trope of redshirts constantly dying didn't really emerge until season 2, notably in episodes like "The Apple," "Obsession," and "The Changeling." The only "redshirt deaths" in the first season were in "What Are Little Girls Made Of" (Rayburn & Matthews), "Arena" (O'Herlihy, though goldshirted Lang also dies), and "The Devil in the Dark" (one nameless security officer). The majority of onscreen crew deaths in season one were in gold, and red was tied with blue. So "Armageddon" was not an anomaly where the first season was concerned.
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