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Re: Where do I start?

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It's strange Netflix starts six stories in.
Also, First Series (Season in American terms) is actually 42 episodes, which makes up 8 Stories (All of them now available, except for the 4th Story/Serial, which is made up of 7 Episodes, and is currently lost. There are still alot of episodes lost from the Black and White era)
Any reason behind this?
Nobody could've imagined back then anyone would want to watch reruns and that there would be a market for Home Media, so lots of episodes got wiped (The films took up lots of space and was expensive), however, many have been discovered, from copies distributed around the world that never came back for wiping). There are two episodes still mising from the 7th Story, also, but, they have been animated, so, it's only the 4th story of the first Series which still remains missing.

Second Series, is all found, aside from two episodes missing of the 6th Story. Though, all the missing episodes, do have Reconstructions available (Telesnaps, with the Audio track, and some have text narration to let you know some stuff you can't see via the frozen picture)
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