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Where did the Gem'Hadar in the wormhole go?

Have any novels ever been written about what happened to the Gem'Hadar fleet that was disappeared by the Prophets?

I'm not one to write fanfic, but if I were I think this would be an interesting idea: The Prophets did the same thing to them they did to Zek, they de-evolved them to a point before they were genetically manipulated, only they sent them to a point millions of years in the future.

So they arrive on the other side of the wormhole and see no trace of either the Federation or the Dominion, and only mind signs of any civilization whatsoever. When they run out of white, they realize they feel fine, except instead of withdrawal they feel hunger pangs. They set out to find the Founders in the logic that they are Gods and couldn't possibly be extinct, then they gradually start to assert their free will and there's a conflict between those who want to start their own colony and those who want to be 'Fixed' by the Founders.

Has any novel ever been written on this subject?
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