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Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

Well, we had to wait an entire year, but Clone Wars is finally back, with THIRTEEN episodes! That's so much more than I was hoping for! I woke up nice and early this morning and got to see the first two episodes on Netflix!

6X1 The Unknown
6X2 Conspiracy

This is a very intriguing story so far! I normally don't care for clone-centric stories, but it's fascinating to see them uncovering Order 66 without realizing it and the attempts to keep it a secret. The best part is the Kaminoans are IN ON IT and reporting to Dooku about it!!! Though apparently they think "Tyranus" is a Jedi and have no clue he's with the bad guys.

The opening episode had some really gorgeous battle scenes. I had forgotten how amazing this show looked. I was particularly blown away by the long open corridor with hundreds of droids and clones blasting away at each other. And the debris and shrapnel from the EVA attack looked great.

This might have also been the most graphically violent episode yet. Tup walks up and shoots a Jedi right in the face and they barely cut away from it. For the EVA attack, we see droids shooting clones point blank in the face and ripping out their cockpits so they asphyxiate in space! Yowza!

Is this the first appearance of those flying Super Battle Droids? They were cool!

I really liked the visual design of the Jedi twins. Their head tentacles swayed around like they were floating in water. I think they were based on beta fish? I do have one complaint though. The one twin gets killed, and we get almost zero emotional reaction from the surviving sister, and we never follow her story to see her grieving at all. I know the story wasn't about her but we really needed Anakin comforting her or something. Everybody seems to immediately forget about the dead Jedi and they just care about why Tup did it.
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