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Re: Blu-Ray Wishlist of Fixes

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The OP already stated that

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A couple of episodes on the Blu-Rays have the new CGI credits no matter which option you choose.
And as far as I remember, some of the new effects are still there even if you're watching the BDs in classic mode. That's what I've read, anyway. The point being: You can't have the original TOS in HD, not even the DVD TOS. I'd be perfectly happy with the DVDs upgraded to DVD, but they didn't even manage to release Enterprise in a satisfying manner on BD!
Source about the TOS Blu-ray's? I have them and have never noticed this problem.
I'm interested in a source for these rumors as well? I've never had any real issues besides the hiccup where the new effects play for a half-second before switching to the original effects on my old Magnavox player I bought in 2009. On both my PS3 and PS4, the playback is flawless.
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