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Re: Is Avery Brooks a good actor?

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And his relationship with Jake was fantastic, and everything that Wesley and Beverly (who appeared to be complete strangers) should have been. "The Visitor" still chokes me up.
In defence of Beverly and Wesley, I think it was implied that since the death of Jack, both Beverly and Wesley have become distant with each other, due to the trauma both of them being a reminder of their loved one (Father and Husband respectively). Perhaps due to the fact that Wesley, being a guy, did not know how to relate to his mother as well as he did to his father. it's going to look like I'm picking on Galaxy....

I WISH that sort of thing had been implied. It would have improved their characters immensely.

God...being a Marty Stu in a 'perfect society'...Wheaton had no chance.
lol no worries.

I feel Wesley is also unfairly picked on. Sure they made him be the whiz kid, and sometimes made the adults look like buffoons to make him look smarter, but he was a product of the style of that show. I think he was an excellent role model for kids, and I know I, as a nerd who works with high technology on a daily basis, see some of myself in him.

I think it was 2 or 3 episodes where he was really annoying, and even then not overly so. I find Jake's insistence on being a writer just as annoying.

I also feel sorry for Will Wheaton. It's clear that he feels unfairly judged by people about the character. You can feel the tone of defensiveness in all his writing and when he is interviewed at conventions and such.
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