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Re: Star Wars Sith-centric spinoff

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Sith kant be gud, dey's Sith!!!" That's all I'm really seeing from your "arguments."
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By the way.

Light Sith. Note, also, that even there the Sith is called an organization because, just like the Jedi, that's all it fucking is. Individuals vary, no matter how far into the sand you want to stick your heads.
Your first post in this thread stated, "There's nothing inherently evil in the Sith Code" ... which is, itself, the explicit mantra and interconnectedness of selfishness, conflict, strength, power and personal freedom (at the expense of freedom for all others). You weren't referring to an organization, but rather the inherently evil philosophy on which the organization was built. Anyone adhering to that code is dark ... is evil. In order for a Sith to become "light" is to reject those explicitly Dark Side (i.e. evil) values and, according to your own link on "Light Sith", those calling themselves a Light Sith - no longer adhering to that code - are no longer "pure". They were "hunted down" by the rest of the Sith for their lack of purity. Your own link also states that these "Light Sith" moved away from their code by "strengthening themselves with compassion and love". That's the redemptive quality that such a character would need to have to be the protagonist of a film - and it would fundamentally differentiate that character from being an adherent to the inherently evil Sith Code.

That would be Anakin Skywalker, by the way.

And yes, while there's a difference between strictly adhering to the dogma of an organization, and loyalty to that organization, maintaining an advocacy for the institution does not exonerate one from the evils of that institution, particularly if that person does nothing to change the institution itself. Rommel was still a Nazi. He fought for the regime that ruthlessly slaughtered millions. Defending him has a "Good (or Light) Nazi" is, to put it mildly, a dubious thing to say.
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