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Re: Star Wars Sith-centric spinoff

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what's stopping a Sith from being a "Light Sith?"
The dark side, something that true Sith are defined by. That's not Sith as a species I'm talking about there, or Sith-trooper types who are just members of an organization such as the soldiers in KOTOR. The Banite Rule of Two Sith would be an example of the template. You don't get to be a Sith Lord in that order if you're all lightsidey. Your master wouldn't permit it. The closest thing to a "Light Sith" in the Banite Sith lineage was Darth Gravid, who tried turning to the light side in some fashion but was subsequently taken out by his apprentice - because he wasn't a real Sith anymore.

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The god damned Jedi do it all the time
No. Jedi don't fall all the time and stay Jedi. If they fall, they're not really Jedi any more, even if no one repossesses their laminated membership card.
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