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Re: Lieutenant Leslie: Star Trek's very own Mementic Badass

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How often did Hadley (not Bill Blackburn in other roles) get off the bridge?
Some off the top of my head;

Planetside security detail in Devil in the Dark and The Alternative Factor.

Taken hostage by Khan in the briefing room.

Queued for the transporter in This Side of Paradise.

Chatted to Ambassador Petri in a corridor.

Listened to Lokai's speech in the rec room.

Punched by Larry Marvick while wandering through a corridor.

Shoved by an insane guy at Kirk's memorial service.

So quite a bit.

Speaking of Leslie (and I know I only posted this a few weeks ago but what the heck) I made a video celebrating his greatness;

Eddie has seen it and likes it a lot.
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