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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

Anyone else trying out Dynamite's version of the Gold Key character relaunch dubbed: DynaKey by most?
Turok launched in Feb
Magnus this month
Solar in April
Dr.Spektor in May

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 hit yesterday and I'm indifferent thus far.
Native American Indians=check
Turok as lead and badass=check
Andar as sidekick & "blood brother"=check

I'm conditioned to expect that and two issues in we've gotten just that. However, what I need some narrative on is the idea that European Crusaders have made it to America in the 13th century with captive Dinos. That they essentially use as shock troops? I need answers on this twist. Forget the being in America a century before Columbus and I don't feel like debating Vikings & Chinese claims, how do Crusaders even have Dinos and the means to "domesticate" them or at least control them?
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