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Re: Nomad vs The Doomsday Machine

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IMO - NOMAD wins in the end. Why?

- While we don't know the strength of NOMAD's full shields, the tech was more advanced then Frd Tech (Basis: The Federation didn't have weapons that could propel energy bolts at Warp 15.)

- The Doomsday Machine's weapon, while effective, was able to be defflected multiple times by the 1701's shields, thus, NOMAD would survive shots from the DM's weapon as well.

- The DM's hull being pure Neutronium, probably could't be blasted through by NOMAD's energy bolts, and the 1701's shields (per Spock could take 5 of those bolts before collapsing,

So, given the above, why do I say NOMAD wins, as opposed to a stalemate of some sort?

Because, as shown in the TOS episode "The Changeling" NOMAD has the ability to interface with, and change/program/improve alien technology (as seen in the 1701 engine room when he alters the matter/anti-matter reactor to produce a speed of Warp 14 for the 1701.) Thus NOMAD could fly in range of the Doomsday Machine, and reprogram/repair/improve and TAKE CONTROL of the automated DM.

You make some good points, but the DM emits a large amount of subspace interference, and presumably radio interference. That might jam any attempt to reprogram it remotely. It might even be the purpose of the DM's jamming field.
Possibly, but remember, the 1701 was able to clean up the interference locally (one BM shot damaged their subspace comm ); so, again, with NOMAD being of a higher tech then the 1701; unles the DM got a lucky shot on it, it should have no issues with short rage comms. VS the DM.
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