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On-Screen Documents

There were several cases of on-screen documents in Star Trek that we can read now thanks to HD screen caps:
  • "Where No Man..." - Psych and ESP evaluations.
  • "Where No Man..." - Spinoza's Ethics.
  • "Mudd's Women" - Harry's police record.
  • "The Menagerie" - Mendez's report on Talos IV.
When the show first aired, people watched it on CRT sets, meaning low resolution and no ability to take freeze frames. Nobody was ever supposed to read these things. So it's surprising and a little lucky that the docs were created as sincerely as they were. The content is pretty good, though not perfect. It could have been a total joke.

There have been times when I was watching one-hour dramas produced in the 2000s, and I would freeze the DVR whenever they showed a newspaper article. This was especially fun when HDTV was a novelty. Very often I'd see the first few lines of text were true to the episode, and the rest would be either gibberish or sometimes those same lines repeated over and over. Star Trek didn't take that shortcut despite coming from an era when nobody would know.
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